To the Good Men of the World, Thank You!

Thank you for speaking out against Trump’s crude remarks.

for reassuring us that real men don’t talk that way.

for declaring that sexual assault is not okay.

for taking a stand against misogyny and sexism.

for eliminating “pussy” and “girl” as shameful words.

for celebrating women and acknowledging their strength.

for becoming our advocates.

for being strong partners.

for loving your kids.

for having tea parties with your daughter,

for letting her paint your nails,

for teaching her to stand on her own two feet.

for playing with your son, no matter what the game,

for helping him be true to himself,

for protecting his emotional core.

for listening.

for understanding that the conversation about patriarchy is not about

you, or men—it’s about all of us.

for recognizing we all are in pain because our world is unbalanced:

for wanting to right the wrongs.

for shifting the power.

for opening doors.

for applauding women’s success.

for understanding it is not a zero-sum game.

for valuing our contribution.

for admiring the masculine in her.

for loving the feminine in you.

for living with an open, loving heart.

for giving us the power of you.

© Ellen Antonelli 2016

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